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The latest addition to the FUMP3 artist roster.  Politica! are not your regular indie band, theyve been there, seen it and done that, since the late 80s. More coming soon.

NEW tracks will be released on SOUNDCLOUD first  click here to visit the FUMP3 page

innovators of 80's Techno-Guitar House Dance before EDM.  Premiered on John Peel, their first 12" with Mute / Rhythm King made No. 11 in the US RockPool charts,  signed to MCA, remixed by C+C Music Factory - and then f*cked by Aceeeed House… We will be uploading more highlights from their 15minutes of fame soon

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Not the Blues.  Live next door to The Smiths. Their ten track demo LP Schizophrenic Psychopath was released on the FUMP3 YouTube Channel - available NOW!

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The Fumpsters


Are our greatest one-hit-wonders - a collection of idiosyncratic tracks from Tokyo-yo, Gonks Go Beat, Siberian for Cowboys and a few more

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